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The Konami Advantage series is Konami’s most produced reel Slot. Konami gaming developer had launched the Advantage Revolution at Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California in 2010. Advantage Revolution is a unique Slot cabinet that features two high-definition video screens combined with traditional mechanical reels that rotate back and forth to keep players engaged and entertained. Advantage Revolution incorporates the successful Advantage 5™ attract-mode lighting system with multiple game screens to enable exciting bonus events.

The Konami Advantage features a 19″ LCD in the 5 reel version and a bonus 4th video reel in the 3 reel version.  Both of these styles bring something new to the table in the reel slots category. Steppers have come a long way in the past few years and Konami is definitely ahead of the game!  The Konami Advantage is great for fans of reel games and it makes a nice attractive addition to any slot floor.

The most popular Konami Advantage games played by Slot players are Lucky Fountain, Emerald Butterfly, Cash Reaction, Mega Wild, Wild Majesty, Diamonds of Thailand, Diamond Fortune, Dragon Fever, Vibrant 7s, Challenge of Perseus, Gigantic Dragons, Secrets of Egypt, Gold Frenzy, Thailand Frenzy, Diamond Spinner, Hawaiian Goddess, and Thunder Warrior.

Other Popular Konami Slots Machines

Konami slot game app
Konami slot game app for mobile players

If you are wondering which was the first Konami slot then it is the Rocky slots based on the movie series. Other popular penny slots designed and manufactured by Konami include Money in the Bank, Ioha Gold, Dance Dance Revolution, Atlantic Treasure, African Treasure, Billionaires, Cash Inferno, Lucky Dice, Pro Evolution Soccer, Coinopolis, A Big Payoff, Karaoke Revolution, and Solstice Gold.

Each of the games is unique and offers thorough entertainment to players. The features in each game reflect the quality of work done at Konami, but it is guaranteed that you will be in for some of the best sound effects, gameplay, and graphics when engaging in any type of Konami game. The reason is that the company has spent millions of dollars on development and research and has such a strong background in gaming.

Here are below are a few of the well know popular Konami slot machines:

1. Rocky Slots – Rocky is arguably the most popular slot machine to have been released by Konami. As a matter of fact, the company holds the rights to the film franchise as well as all the merchandise related to it, including slots and other gaming and gambling products. No matter where you come across a Rocky game, Konami is the company that holds the license for the product.

2. Action Staked Sevens – One of the games that is favourite among players from all corners of the world is Action Staked Sevens. The gameplay in this slot is straightforward and basic while offering players the opportunity to win exciting prizes. There is a bonus feature in the game which enables players to claim up to thirty free games. Also, the Rolling for Riches option is a feature that can see you win up to four progressive jackpots.

3. African Diamond – This is a multi-denomination slot that comes with line configurations of 10, 20, 25, and 30. Players who are interested in rolling high can have a great time playing this game as you can play 1500 credits at a time. If you activate the bonus round, you will have the opportunity to claim up to 25 free games when playing this feature. What is more exciting is that all your winnings will be doubled when playing the free games.

China Shores slot machine
China Shores slot machine

4. China Shores– The China Shores slot machine is also a multi-denomination slot machine that allows players to bet up to 1500 coins on each spin. The line configurations available are 20, 25, and 30. The volatility of the game is very high, and players stand a chance to win at least fifteen free games.

5. Ancient Dragon – Another multi-denomination slot, Ancient Dragon allows a maximum bet of 2500 credits per line. Players can choose their own line configuration and the options at their disposal are in fifty and one hundred line increments. You can also win up to 25 free games by activating the features when playing Ancient Dragon.

6. Chip City – Chip City is a slot game which allows players to wager a maximum of 1500 credits on a single line. The line configurations that you can choose from include 10, 20, 25, and 30. Players can also claim around 25 free games when engaging in this multi-denomination slot game.

7. Clairvoyant Cat – With the opportunity to bet 1500 credits on a single payline, Clairvoyant Cat is a multi-denomination slot game where players can choose between 20 and 30 paylines.

8. Danger Inc. – Danger Inc. offers players the chance to wager a maximum of 1500 credits in a multi-denomination slot game, The paylines available to players in this game are 10, 20, 25, and 30.  

Konami Advantage Stepper Machines

Konami Advantage machines are available in 2 cabinet configurations

  • 3 Reel Stepper
  • 5 Reel Stepper

Konami Advantage 5 Stepper

Lucky Fountain 5 stepper slot machine
Lucky Fountain 5 stepper slot machine

This is first full-size backlit mechanical 5-reel machine. This 5-stepper offers big fun with a multicolor LED behind the reels, a large VFD for displaying game information, a clear belly-plex with rotating color display, forward and reverse spin player options and more. Advantage 5’s combo of the latest technology with innovative play will make players want to give everyone a high five.

Features of Slot machine

  • A multi-color led behind the reels that can display up to 256 colors
  • A large VFD for displaying game information
  • A lit clear belly plex that is illuminated with a rotating color display
  • Forward and reverse spin feature where a player can stop the reels
  • A mirrored row of lights in the top box for a dimensional lighting attract feature
  • A 19″ to touch screen LCD top box
  • Available in 1¢, 2¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, $2 and $5 denominations
  • Conventional or fixed line configuration available
  • SAS 6.0 compatibility with AFT/EFT functionality
  • There are over 40 games to enjoy

Konami Advantage 3  Stepper

Fortune Mint slot
Fortune Mint slot

Advantage 3 Slot from Konami wouldn’t be the same if it were your average Slot.  With multicolor backlit reels, one-of-a-kind lighting effects, a 19″ LCD touch screen and more, you can see why this 3-reeler is three times the fun.

Features of the Slot machine

  • Multi-color backlit reels that display up to 256 colors to create one of a kind lighting effects
  • A lit clear belly-plex that is illuminated with a rotating color display
  • A mirrored row of lights in the top box for a dimensional lighting attract feature
  • A 19″ touch screen LCD top box
  • A unique LCD fourth reel that is used for bonuses or to display game information
  • Compatibility with all KONAMI Extended ROM progressive products
  • SAS 6.0 compatibility with AFT/EFT functionality
  • Compatible with all Advantage+ and 27 Ways game titles

Flame Jumper Deluxe Slot Machine

This authentic Konami manufactured pokies for sale came has 3 spinning reels PLUS a vibrant LCD display that doubles as a 4th reel, chrome trim, and stylish black cabinet. This machine is set up to accept coins and bills. This is a multi-denomination machine (1, 5, 10, 25 cents & 1 dollar) and permits the player to play up to 30 lines & up to 5 credits per line.

Features of Slot machine

  • 3 Spinning Reels + 4th LCD Video Reel
  • Chrome trim
  • LED buttons
  • Original Konami parts and emblems
  • Accepts coins
  • Accepts bills

Types of bill acceptors compatible with Konami Advantage are JCM UBA, JCM WBA, Mars Cashflow

Types of printers compatible with Konami Advantage are Gen 2 Universal, Gen 2 RS232, Seiko Gen 1, Ithica 950 and Handpay Only no printer.

You can find more about Konami games here.

Where to buy Konami slot machines?

You can buy Konami Slot online at various sites like Ebay; realslotmachinesforsale and various other online sites.