Vintage 1930s/1940s Slot Machine-Style Trade Stimulator with Cigaretrte Reels


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Here’s an unusual trade stimulator that dates back to the 1930s or early 1940s.  What makes this a trade stimulator and not a slot machine?  The difference is the small metal “cup” that’s attached to the front left corner of the machine.  That cup is designed to hold gumballs, and each time the machine is played, a gumball will roll into the cup.  Having a gumball come out each time a coin is deposited makes this a vending machine, rather than a slot machine (a game of chance).  But the really cool thing about this trade stimulator is that the reels picture cigarette packs of the 1930s and early 1940s.  Not just drawings, but actual photos of the packs.  According to the handmade sign on the top of the machine, if you got three of the same packs lined up, you received a free pack!  And many of these packs look exactly the same today as they did back then, such as the Camel and Chesterfield packs.  There are also packs from brands that disappeared years ago, including Clown cigarettes. 

     This trade stimulator is about 10-1/2″ wide, 9″ high, and 7″ from front to back.  It operates on nickels.  It’s designed to sit on the counter of a bar.  The player drops in a nickel, and pulls the arm.  There’s a small mirror mounted in front of the reels, and the bartender can see the reels while he’s behind the trade stimulator as they are reflected in the mirror without having to move out from behind the bar.  There’s a small window on the rear plate of the trade stimulator which displays the last coin played so the bartender can see if a slug or token was dropped into the machine.  There’s a small door on the top right corner of the machine which is where the gumballs are inserted.  There are three small display panels in the front of the machine.

     This machine is complete and working.  It is being sold in as is/unrestored condition.  The lock on the back panel has been drilled but it could probably be replaced if desired.  Interestingly enough, there are actually five reels inside the machine.  The two reels on the ends are blocked off by a metal plate on the front of the machine, and they do not have advertising reels on them.  There is a serial number on the metal plate on the top of the machine.  There are some scrapes and scuffs on the outside case of this trade stimulator from 80 years of storage and handling. 

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